4 of America’s best RV parks


Your recreational vehicle may already feel like a home, and you may like traveling more than anything else. If you feel like you are still missing on something, then you may not have already gone to some of America’s best RV parks. I am now going to talk only about a few of them since the allotted space does not allow more than this.


Boyd’s – Key West, Florida

This campground is considered one of the hot spots in the entire area, and anyone who has visited can tell you that the place lives up to its hype. The campsite comes with a beach area where you can bask in the sun and unwind. There is even a pool to swim and relax, and you will feel like you do not lack anything, even if you are not booking a hotel room.

Keep in mind that the area is quite crowded and the available 250 sites are usually booked in advance, so check out their availability, before setting out on the road. One of the greatest perks of the place is the proximity to downtown, where you can go using the local transportation available.



Beaver Dam – Berwick, Maine

This is a beautiful looking, family friendly spot, where you can travel with your RV and set out camp, with the sole purpose of enjoying a fantastic vacation with your loved ones. Spread over 20 acres of land, the place is ideal for boating, and it can be explored by bicycle. There is no wonder that there are so many bike rentals available. Also, you can come here with your pet in tow, since the campgrounds allow them.


Bella Terra – Gulf Coast, Alabama

If you don’t mind splurging a little, you should know that there are such things as luxury resorts for RV owners. Bella Terra is such a fantastic place, where you can enjoy your oversized lot, access to sauna, Jacuzzi, and an infinity-edge swimming pool.

The local lake is ideal for fishing, and you will surely catch a fish or two. The tropical landscape will make you feel like you’ve traveled abroad when, in fact, you haven’t left the country.


Emerald Desert – Palm Desert, California

California is rich in places to camp with your RV, but there are a few spots that are simply too cool to ignore. If you feel like you’re in the mood to be pampered during your vacation, head over to the Emerald Desert RV Resort. Here you can enjoy temperature controlled pools, massage treatments, and many other luxury extras.

The Coachella Valley location offers pleasant surprises, and the resort is often a place for organizing events like happy hours, concerts, and pet shows. You can keep in shape by visiting the many tennis courts available, or you can practice your swing at the golf course.


Garmin releases new RV GPS


If you love the Garmin RV 760LMT, which is engineered with a host of really awesome features, you might want to check out the latest in the brand’s RV series of navigations systems, the RV770 LMT-S. Built for the RV lifestyle, this model comes with all the awesome features you have come to appreciate about its predecessor plus some more of its own.

You can connect the RV770 LMT-S to any Connect IQ™-compatible Garmin Smartwatch such as the fēnix® 5. Through this, you receive driver alerts on your wrist while enjoying convenient smartwatch compass guidance so you can find your way from your parked vehicle to a specific destination and back to the vehicle again.



Specifically engineered for those who travel beyond cell service boundaries, the RV770 LMT-S is a device that camping enthusiasts will also find indispensable. Like the model before it, this new one is equipped with a comprehensive directory of RV parks. You can filter the information on those locations to include the amenities essential to your needs including onsite water, electric hookups, and internet access.

Thanks to the compiled ratings from TripAdvisor data, RVers can choose which campgrounds and other commercial establishments to visit. The real-time traffic and weather updates help ensure a safe and hassle-free RV travel.

Get RV-specific alerts so you can get information on steep grades, bridge heights, weight limits, and sharp curves. The device even warns of possible fatigue after extended driving times, asking in a manner like a friend if you would like to obtain directions to any approaching rest stops or restaurants along the way.


For relatives who want to know how your RV trips are going, the LiveTrack feature enables you to share your location with them.

Designed for the peripatetic RV lifestyle, this model delivers valuable guidance features as you enjoy endless freedom on the open road. It has a large, easy-to-view, touchscreen display measuring 6.95 inches from one edge to the other. It easily fits on the dashboard of your car or RV.

Users get road warnings and custom routing, helping them travel on routes friendly to the type of vehicle they drive. The unit takes the weight and size dimensions of the towable trailer or RV and provides routes to accommodate those very specifications. Enjoy peace of mind that you won’t be stuck on an overly narrow bridge or road or one with an extremely low overhead clearance for your vehicle.



The Directory of RV Parks and Services allows you to have access to information about locations that cater to the kind of vehicle you own. With the Easy Route Shaping feature, you can personalize your entire route to include only those that you really want to visit, for cost-friendly road trips and relaxed driving.

Get a kick out of living the RV lifestyle with this freshly developed and highly-innovative GPS device from Garmin, a world leader in GPS technology.